Live Music and Audio Production

My first solo album - composed, recorded and produced in this hard pandemic time - now available in major on-line stores.

Review of "Seven" by Andrzej Jerzyk, Radio Centrum Poland

"(...) Roy, there are much better reviewers. I can't be objective, because I'm just guided by emotions !!! (...)

No coquetry, very nice music. Sometimes it reminds me of such albums as: "Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live", "Colosseum - Valentyne Suite" and "SBB". Of course this is not a complaint. That's just how I feel. Very good material for the album !!! (...) And I am glad that there is a prohibition of the guitar !!! (...) "Andrzej Jerzyk a.d. 2020

Get it on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more at:

It was big honor to be a semifinalist of Film Music Contest 2020

Category: Isntrumental Music (Andrzej Rojek - Belgium)

Your Music Is Our Passion from 30 years


P.A./Sound System/Expert Engineer Service for Bands, Small to Medium-Sized Venues & Outdoor Events! Also offers High Quality Live Recording w/ Professional Post-Production Available!! 


2 x top x 1400 Watts each

2 x top x 650 Watts each

1 x Sub (stereo) x 1250 Watts

2 x stage monitors x 500 Watts each (in ear monitoring comming soon)

Mics - Shure, AKG etc.

Digital Soundcraft Mixer with parallel multitrack recording to USB drive & DAW option

Recording, Producing and Publishing

Oryginal audio soundtracks for singers, radio jingles, bacground tracks for movies and games etc. All of them recorded with human feeling by the best musicians aroud the world.

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