My first solo album - composed, recorded and produced in this hard pandemic time - now available in major on-line stores.

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Review of "Seven" by Andrzej Jerzyk, Radio Centrum Poland

"(...) Roy, there are much better reviewers. I can't be objective, because I'm just guided by emotions !!! (...)

No coquetry, very nice music. Sometimes it reminds me of such albums as: "Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live", "Colosseum - Valentyne Suite" and "SBB". Of course this is not a complaint. That's just how I feel. Very good material for the album !!! (...) And I am glad that there is a prohibition of the guitar !!! (...) "Andrzej Jerzyk a.d. 2020

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It was big honor to be a semifinalist of Film Music Contest 2020

Category: Isntrumental Music (Andrzej Rojek - Belgium)

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